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How Did You Do That! is that book—that book you've been looking for that could inspire you to change your own life, the book you'll keep forever, returning to its dog-eared pages for ideas and inspiration. In this collection of amazing true stories you'll find the courage to finally go for it and do that thing you've been yearning to do.


Have you ever watched an athlete accomplish an amazing physical feat ...

Or witnessed an entrepreneur achieve phenomenal career and financial success ...

Or you might have observed a person who overcame amazing obstacles in their personal life ...

And wondered - HOW DID YOU DO THAT?

This book tells those stories. How people just like you are able to overcome their fears, hold onto their courage, and personally grow and expand beyond what anyone expects of them.

When all you know is the beginning and ending of a success story, getting your own "happy ending" can seem like a fairy tale. 

But when you know how they did it, the story becomes real—and so does your dream.

How Did You Do That! is a collection of stories about people who achieved lifelong goals, found lost loves, amassed fortunes, experienced medical miracles, discovered their true calling and made a difference. They are stories of humble beginnings and heroic endings, but they are also stories of "how" — how they did it, and how you can do it, too.

You will be as fascinated as you are inspired, when you read the stories of these people's true life achievements.

People like ...

NANCY SOLARI – Living Full Out

Diagnosed with degenerative eye disease at only 16 years of age, Nancy went on to achieve her dreams as a singer and performer. She attended college, enjoyed an internship with Good Morning America, and worked at Entertainment Tonight. Although Nancy is legally blind, she lives full out – hiking, rollerblading, bicycling, bowling -- she even shoots pool!

Nancy achieved her goals and life dreams, and has the insight to help you get past whatever fears or challenges hold you back. She will inspire you and fortify your courage, so that you don't adjust to disabilities or fears by downgrading your dreams – instead, follow her lead and live full out!

MARITZA PARRA – Cocooning My Way to "Live! On Oprah"

When Maritza's life hit bottom and she faced her greatest personal tragedy, she never imagined her self-invented coping method would lead her to being interviewed by Oprah on live radio. Maritza's cocooning process took her from lying curled up in the fetal position to amazing success beyond her imagination in only two years.

Maritza shares this process with you so you can create your cocooning process to move from painful, negative life situations into empowering, positive accomplishment. Using her tools for transforming your life, you will learn to move from your own carefully designed cocoon into the world of your dreams, where you will be empowered to spread your wings and take flight.

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BONNIE LASLO – Slum Lord Queen to Safe Homes Angel

Bonnie offers a delightfully surprising cooperative business model. She could have been content making her fortune as a property manager and real estate investor, but instead created a unique approach to become what she calls a Home Guardian. She works cooperatively with her tenants in impoverished neighborhoods to transform the community and improve their lives in every dimension. Her management team provides services to empower tenants, such as teaching them how to open checking accounts and create resumes. Bonnie has even found harmonious solutions to work with neighborhood criminals so that her tenants will be safer.

Bonnie has applied this principle to many businesses, and believes this approach of building cooperation with her consumers is the primary reason her business is recession proof. Learn from Bonnie how you can create an innovative approach in any industry, to make your business cooperative with your consumers. The rewards are far beyond monetary.


What transpired in my life was as exhilarating as flying. Utilizing the tools of conscious creation, my life became almost magical.

Angela Bussio

The key to getting really rich financially, as well as the key to having an emotionally textured, rich life is to have concentration of focus and energy on what you were born to do, making your life an expression of your soul's purpose.

Chris Howard

Underneath the roaring waves of the mind are the gentle whisperings of the soul. When finally we can listen to the wisdom of the soul, we begin to live life with integrity and peace.

Danny Freedman

Even though my chances of becoming pregnant were absolutely zero, I decided to research what I needed to do nutritionally and emotionally to heal my own infertility—I would try to get pregnant on my own. One year later I got pregnant, totally naturally.

Hanna Bajor, C.N.M., M.S.N., R.N.C.

For most of my life, I was an outlaw, misfit, selfish and destructive child of a man. I hurt people. I broke things. I wrecked the days I lived in. Then I changed. Gradually, painfully and often times reluctantly, I changed. My life is now a mission to share the principles of forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love with the rest of humanity. To teach Universal laws and help others live extraordinary lives. Sure it seems farfetched; however, I'm living an extraordinary life and a few years ago nothing seemed more farfetched than that.

Paul Hendricks

What we truly need is to realize that through that will, our faith and whatever external and higher powers we choose to connect with, we can pull through anything. If we trust in that, we can trust in our own ability to see it, say it, and make it so.

Julie Ann Cohn

All of us have the capacity to change and overcome our obstacles. It's often just a matter of taking that first step to do it. And don't be depressed if your obstacle has you to a point of despair. I personally had to reach a critical point and hit a low spot, sometimes called a bottom, before I could grow and move on. In these cases, those days that feel like the worst are, in retrospect, the ones that played out to be the best.

Ron Edgar

Willingness comes in varying degrees, but the minute someone says, "Maybe," he's open to more possibilities.

Don Kipp 


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If you are facing any hurdle in life, you will discover at least one person whose story will provide the answer and inspiration you need to clear that hurdle from your life. To achieve the kind of success these authors tell you about.

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Internationally acclaimed lifestyle and wealth strategist, Christopher Howard is a best-selling author and prominent speaker. For almost two decades, Chris has researched the success strategies of the world's greatest business, philanthropic and spiritual minds. His extensive knowledge is shared through his books, home study courses and public seminars worldwide. As a result, Chris Howard has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals create the wealth and engineer the lifestyle they truly desire. Christopher Howard Training has become one of the fastest growing personal development training companies in the world. 

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Linda Christensen holds a BA, MA, MTS and PhD and teaches in comparative religion at The University of British Columbia and Douglas College. She is a certified hypnotist, transformational coach, co-host of Conscious Living Radio, host and producer of Soul on Fire radio show, author, speaker and workshop facilitator. She's been featured on CBC Newsworld, Global TV, the Bill Good Show and other media.

In her video What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual? Dr. Linda offers reflections and insights on this topic, what it means when we identify ourselves as spiritual, what it means when we identify others as spiritual, and what are the fundamental principles involved in being spiritual.

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Ken Ng has helped more than a thousand Senior Citizens envision, choose and implement the best-fitting scenarios for their long term care and happiness. Ken wants YOU to be in the driver's seat in your golden years. In this report, he shows Boomers & Seniors how to take charge of their finances for the whole of their life.

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Life is an adventure. Inspiration Now! The 30 Day Challenge is a roadmap for helping you to live with excitement, passion, and love. It's easy, and it's all about being present in this moment. Say YES and to living inspired today, and always. Inspiration Now! The 30 Day Challenge will show you how in just a few minutes each day. Each challenge comes to your inbox with a short video to inspire you, and a challenge to keep you engaged in a month of inspiration. This month will change your life!

Danny Freedman is a life coach who has affiliations with CTI and ICF. His personal and professional mission is to empower people to pursue their most fulfilling and inspired life. Danny uses his experience, training, and intuition to help guide you to greater clarity in your life, empowering you to live with fulfillment and joy. Despite a highly successful sales management career, holding an executive position with a growing company, Danny felt something was missing. He formed Evolution Coaching and began to pursue his talent for seeing the best in people, and his passion to help them see it in themselves. As a coach, he is committed to supporting your growth into your unique strengths, and helping you to lose the beliefs or rules that limit you. His vision for YOU is to feel good about who you are, everyday.

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"Leading Perspectives on the New Global Paradigm"

PRINT BOOK and online MULTI-MEDIA eBook Series

Featuring 30 prominent and emerging 2012 Authors, and New Paradigm Resources for 2012

Including Researchers, Scientists, Mystics, Futurists, Indigenous Elders, Astrologers, Artists and Visionaries….

Daniel Pinchbeck, Jean Houston, George Noory, Bruce Lipton, Barbra Marx Hubbard, Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley, Sean David Morton, Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa, Carl Johan Calleman, Gabriel Cousens, Nassim Haramein, Bob Frissell, John L. Peterson, Steve Bhearman, Paco Alarcon Kahan, Christine Page, Kymberlee Ruff (Tibetan/Hopi Prophecy), OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez (Mayan Spiritual Leader and Guide), Elizabeth Jenkins (Inka Prophecies for 2012) and many more (see listing on website).

You will receive a generous preview of several chapters from this new book. The authors will share valuable and timely information and perspectives on the current 2012 shift. In this preview, these experts are providing you a resource for clearing confusion, calming fears, offering useful and practical information and tools, while inspiring hope and activations for our positive future.

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Barbara has created the breakthrough system called ACT as if!, to help you put own your dreams into action. Using acting techniques, it helps you put the Law of Attraction to work for you immediately, in both your personal and professional life. This bonus package consists of an audio MP3 and written transcription of an interview where Barbara describes her ACT AS IF system, and how you can use it to change your life and realize your own dreams! When you collect your bonus items from Barbara's mall, you will also find other free downloads and ebooks to help you on your journey. Remember: Don't settle for less than wonderful in your life. And don't give up five minutes before the miracle!

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In this special report Don shares his 3 Top Tips developed over the last 20 years that he gives to his clients. These are simple yet powerful everyday tips anyone can use to help achieve and maintain physical balance and health.

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Gift #1: You're Right! You Deserve to Live An Extraordinary Life.
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Donna's insightful report reveals how our beliefs actually co-create our reality. This report explores where beliefs originate, how to identify beliefs that don't serve you and four steps for moving towards the life you deserve.

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Susan divides her time between her internationally recognized Spa and Salon, advocacy for cancer survivors, beauty product development, and community involvement. She became a spa and salon industry mogul while undergoing treatment and recovery from cancer, not just once but twice.

Going one step further, Susan developed the Courage Night program which celebrates cancer survivors and their families. She is dedicated to empowering the American public to become their own healthcare advocates through the Courage Awareness program, which offers tools to create peace of mind, reduce health care costs and save lives by sustaining and providing personal and family health histories and guiding appropriate care decisions. 


Imagine it is the middle of the night and your child is having seizures as you rush of to the emergency room….and the doctor needs to know your family's Health History and the types of seizures your husband's father had as a child. Do you know the information that could save your child's life?

Gift 2: The Children's Health Record

This record will allow parents to begin to maintain the ongoing legacy information, empowering and preparing themselves and their children to become their own health advocates.

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Valuable information about what you can request and how to request it.

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Nicholas has over forty-five years experience in Marketing that includes Wholesale and Retail Sales, direct business to business sales, distribution, print advertising and, Sales Management. Nicholas offers coaching and consulting services to individuals and corporate executives providing valuable assessment tools for individuals and group evaluation for all levels of management and productivity. Nicholas is also the author of "Who Sleeps In Your Skin?"

Gift #1: Excerpt from his book, WHO SLEEPS IN YOUR SKIN? Discover the secret of the eleven power tools you possess. Apply this empowering insight as you are starting a business, to enhance performance as business executive or team member, to support you managing change in your life, or to improve your marriage or relationship.

Gift #2: Learn to Fly Solo! Audio download of Nicholas' coaching wisdom supporting you to embrace courage in your life and go for the gusto! You will learn to view life as a river, flowing around obstacles to maintain your course ever moving toward the goals you cherish.

Gift #3: Learn to Fly Solo! Video explaining how our courage is often stifled in youth, and how to break free so you can soar toward your life dreams.

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Bob Frissell, Author, Rebirther and teacher of the MerKaBa

The Shift of the Ages: Countdown to 2012 and Beyond

BOB FRISSELL is a master rebirther and teacher of thirty years, whose books are regarded as underground spiritual classics. In addition to Nothing in This Book Is True But It's Exactly How Things Are, he is the author of Something in This Book Is True and You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience. His books are published in seventeen languages and are available in more than thirty countries.


A big-screen view of our planetary ascent as we rapidly approach 2012 and "The Shift of the Ages".

Gift 2: Audio of CHANGES ARE US!! 60 Minutes

The Hopis and Mayans both agree; we are in a seven year window, the "end times" in which we will experience change that will continue to intensify.

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Margaret Hamar BA, Postgraduate Dip. in Psychology, MAPS is a psychologist who has followed her passion for empowering others to be the best they can be, to help them tap their true potential and optimize their performance in life. A Master Practitioner, she uses Wealth Dynamics through her business "Your Wealth Key" to bring others into better relationship with themselves and others.

Get Passionate - Value $39.00

Have you lost touch with your passion in life? In this audio you will learnt the fundamental 3 keys that successful people use to build wealth in line with their passions and how to apply it in your life to create extraordinary success.

When it comes to your success and getting ahead, whether it be in business building, your career or wealth creation, the proven step by step system from BE SAVVY will show you how to work smarter, not harder.

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Liz Wilder has come a long way since her days as a little girl in a Manila fish market. Although she didn't have time (or money, for that matter) to learn ballet, she did take every opportunity to dance, dance, dance! From Juke Boxes in restaurants to dancing with friends at parties, dancing was and is part of her soul.

As she became an adult, she could finally afford to do it right! She took professional dance lessons from Ballroom to West Coast swing to Tango and Salsa. And she began to compete… and win.

Liz's bonus gift is free dance lessons. Liz and her husband, Ron, will teach you some introductory dance lessons West Coast Swing. Join Liz and Ron as they take you through some of the basics. We'll see you on the dance floor!

FREE gift from Tara Sheahan

A competitive runner and cross country skier, Tara tried out for the Winter Olympics in 1980 at age 19 and also in 2006 at age 45! She believes anything is possible if we're motivated from our heart, where our true wisdom resides! She's currently a mom and wife, meditation teacher and transformational life coach, as well as founder of "All Energy TV," a global online and iPhone company focusing on the extraordinary events around the world that are transforming consciousness in the corporate, political, spiritual, health and wellness, technology and sustainable energy movements! She also works with Indigenous elders, supporting their efforts to become part of our global leadership.

Through her 10 minute audio meditation she'll teach you how to clear energy through the chakras (or energy centers) of the body, along with simple cards describing each of the seven chakras.

Gift 1: CLEARING MEDITATION – 60 min audio